Eryn Dace Trudell

Dance Artist and Founder and Artistic Director of MamaDances

Recipient of the DTRC’s Founders Award 2010


“My stay at Valleyview was a profound experience for me. As far as I can remember, this was the first time in my life that I have had extended solo time outside of the urban landscape.  It was profoundly nourishing to my body mind and spirit. There, enveloped in a space rich with art and resonating with compassion, conscience and care, Mother Nature and I prepared for winter.  I enjoyed five days without traffic, or hurrying, or worrying about the things that I should do; five days without chaos, emergency, distraction and stress. My time was mine. During my nature walks in the forest I saw a wolf, a stag and a doe among other small animals. I read from an inspiring book. I talked on the phone with an old friend. I wrote a letter of support for a new friend. It was a satisfying week of soft but important progress.

At the end of my visit, nothing seemed too daunting anymore and when I begin to doubt myself now, I revisit the sensation of being present to my authentic self and my dreams and aspirations, that this marvellous sanctuary granted to me.

Thank you.  This was delightful.”