Joysanne Sidimus, M.S.M.

Balanchine répétiteur, The George Balanchine Trust and The National Ballet of Canada
Founder, Dancer Transition Resource Centre
Founding Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Artists’ Health Centre Foundation, which established the Artists’ Health Centre,
Co-Director of the Mentorship Program of the Canadian Senior Artists’ Resource Network.

“One aspect of an artists’ life that is rarely discussed is the important need for rest, contemplation and renewal in a life often fraught with stress, uncertainty and time constraints. Lynda Hamilton’s vision of providing a place for such respite is not only generous but also groundbreaking in her understanding of this issue. For many artists, there is never time, or finances for a vacation of just “down time” to contemplate and be renewed. This retreat space provides this all-important respite and is, therefore, a brilliant and much-needed concept.

I congratulate Lynda in bringing this dream to fruition and wholeheartedly supporting the concept. She has provided a practical solution to an existing and much neglected area of an artists’ life through her generosity and understanding.”