Joy Lapps-Lewis

Musician, composer and arts educator


“Valleyview provided me with a calm, quiet and exceptionally beautiful environment. I used my time there to compose new music, prepare for an upcoming multi-disciplinary show I was producing, cook healthy meals and get the rest I knew I would need before the arrival of our second child.


As an artist and parent of a complex care toddler travelling for work can be very difficult.  Most residencies require that you spend at least two to three weeks and there are few options near the city.  Valleyview was perfect for me because it offered a much needed break, I was able to visit for a week (which is more manageable when coordinating respite for my son), and I felt way more at ease because if there was an emergency, I knew that I could be back at his side within an hour or two at the most.


The staff made me feel welcome, cared for and safe.   Our arts community is truly blessed to have this space.”